Saturday, February 25, 2012

Printing Coupons and links

Hello! I hope your ready for a scavenger hunt! That is basically what coupon searching is. One day, there will be dozens of different savings for items that you do not need. The next day, when you need them, they are all gone. What a kick in the shin! Am I right? Seems like you are always searching and coming up empty handed. Well look no further!

Printing coupons is the fastest way to savings, unfortunately, there are limits. Most of the time you are only allowed 2-3 prints per coupon per IP address. Having multiple computers is always a plus! Sometimes, all you need to go is clear your history and cookies, and then it will let you print more. DO NOT copy coupons, its illegal and will get you in all sorts of serious trouble.

There are many different helpful websites out there. Here I will list a few that you should check every few days:
Smart Source
Red Plum
PG Brand Saver
And my all time favorite: Krazy Coupon Lady Database

Those are a few of the most helpful coupon sources out there. They never fail me. Other ways to print coupons is to join mailing lists. These can get pretty hectic due to the multiple emails a day. However, they are EXTREMELY helpful. Especially if you would like to know whats going on sale before the stores announce it. I highly suggest you join these mailing lists.
Passion For Savings

Also check out Totally Free Stuff for mailed free samples. Free samples always come with coupons for their products. These coupons usually have a life span of 2-3 years so make sure you take up offers for free samples whenever you get the chance, you never know what you might find. For other free samples, check chain websites like Target, Walmart, etc.

Other great ways to score coupons is to sign up for brand websites, for example: Kellogg, Pillsbury, Kraft, and Kleenex have coupons that are emailed and available for print ONLY for members. Its free and you do get emails but should not be treated as spam. These are extremely helpful and will not always be available when doing a basic search for coupons.

I hope these links help guide you to some awesome savings. Have fun and use that INK while you have it, that stuff gets rrreeeaaallll expensive.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Items to watch out for

Welcome back. Today I will be explaining which unintended items to keep an eye out for while shopping. There are so many items that go unnoticed while out shopping. Or bags just tossed out without second guessing.

With couponing becoming more popular with each passing day, manufacturers are starting to create new coupons to bring in more business. More then never, if you look inside a box/bag of a purchased item, there will be a coupon inside. Remember how exciting it was when you found a cool prize in your cereal or crack jacks? Now that we are older, the prize is money savings!

Do not forget to check your packaging before recycling! Pup-Peroni dog treats is a good one. 50% of the time there is a $1 off coupon inside and Walgreens always has it on sale for $2.99 making it only $2! Compared to $5 elsewhere. That already is $3 savings just for buying their product.

Jennie-O Turkey is another good one. Safeway every other week has it on sale for B1G1 which is already an amazing deal. Once again, inside there is usually a coupon. But this one has even more savings. Under the meat will be a little packaged pack of coupons with over $25 savings. If you spend $6, you get $50 in savings! That is a $44 money maker!

Unfortunately there is a lot of people out there who do not respect others and will open boxes in the store to take out the coupons. That is a no no people. You might as well steal the whole product. *I do not condone theft in any way, shape, or form* Once a package is opened in a store, they cannot resell it, so PLEASE PEOPLE, stop these shenanigans!!

Another thing to look for while shopping is combo packs that will have a promo on the packaging telling you there are coupons inside. A little extra fun for you when you get home. Also on a lot of items in store there will be coupons attached to items that will say, "Save $X on this item." Instant Savings! But do not forget to check the expiration date. Nothing worse then intending to purchase an off list item just to find out that the coupon is invalid and is then left for the cashier to put back on the shelves at the end of their shift.

Other items to look for are clearance items!!! These are my all time favorite! Every store has a clearance section and clearance tags which are usually orange. Do not forget to check these sections. Its always a great idea to get to a store before Noon to to get first dibs and give the stores employees to get the newly marked down items out on the shelves.

You can still use coupons on clearance items. If a pair of Dr.Scholls foot pads gets marked down to $8, use one of their manufacture coupons to bring that baby down even more! PLUS they can still accept their in store coupons even if the item is marked down so keep an eye out. It is always a great idea to take a monthly coupon book for that store with you. I always tend to find discontinued or clearance items with in-store coupons in the book. Stores will not advertise this so keep an eye out.

Nobody likes the mad rush during an after holiday clearance sale. My lord those are the worst! If its a holiday that involves candy, bring your Wonka, Nestle, M&M, etc coupons with you and use those bad boys!! Some stores do have restrictions so make sure you read their ads and your coupons!!

So remember to always keep an eye out!!! You will never believe what kind of savings you can find. Next time, I will link you to the most helpful couponing websites that put me on the right path to 80% savings. Stay Nifty my friends.

In store Secrets.

Welcome back my Nifty Buddies! I hope you have all been saving a sufficient amount of money during your shopping adventures. Today I am going to help you understand how to use your stores to your advantage! Here I will be breaking down Safeway and Walgreens. Hopefully you have these stores available in your area. If not, I do apologize and hope some of these tips are relevant to your local grocery and drug stores.

Safeway makes it VERY easy for you to coupon. They offer the Just4U program which I am in LOVE with. As long as you have a Safeway Club card, you can use this program. Register your card online and you are good to go. In fact, you get a 12 pack of eggs for FREE just for registering your card. How can you turn that down?

Basically, your loading coupons to your card so you can avoid having to organize your coupon book. Unfortunately, it does take some of the fun out of clipping coupons. But if your wrists hurt like mine, sometimes its a relief. They offer a lot of coupons that are available for print online, or in the Sunday inserts and then plus some other manufacture coupons.. You just click the ones you want, and it loads straight to your card and it takes off the coupon amount when you slide your card or enter your phone number.

Now my favorite part about Just4U is the personalized deals!!! The more you use your card, the more coupons that are created for you. These are store coupons which are available ONLY online for Just4U users. For example: I buy a lot of bacon. Hormel's black label bacon is regularly priced around $8. Just4U creates a coupon for you so you only end up paying $3.38 for the bacon, saving you $5!!

Always check back because it will randomly offer you free items with a minimum $10 purchase. I have been offered free water, pasta, frozen entrees, dog food, and more. But don't think that you can trick the system and use two manufacture coupons for the same item, one on your card, and one clipped paper coupon. You can use both, but it will only take off the bigger discount and the cashier won't always give you back the one that wasn't used. 

Walgreens now offers Mobile coupons which you can combine with manufacture. It is a brand new service and is plenty of fun. Simply download the App for your smartphone and it will even text you when there is a new coupon. You simply let the cashier scan the bar code presented on your phone. Walgreens new ad designs now have QR codes which you can scan with the Walgreens App bar code scanner for more offers for certain presented sale items in that weeks ads. I am sure you have noticed that there is not as many items on the weekly ads. That's because you need to scan the QR code to see what else is on sale.

Another awesome saving feature is online at It is called Web Pick Up. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and click on web pick up, because it is different then just shopping online. Shopping online is for shipped items. Web Pick Up is simply you shopping at home, the employees do the shopping for you in store and some stores even deliver curb side delivery.

Simply sign up online for Walgreens and get ready to have some fun! These is great for the impulse buyer like me, you can avoid all the other items you do not need! Select your desired location and start shopping. All sale items that do NOT require a store coupon will already have the discount price listed in red below the item. There are always online coupons to use to bring down your total.

For your first Web Pickup order, you can save $5 off of a $20 order. If you are a Walgreens employee, it has to be $20 AFTER your employee discount to get the coupon. There are always new coupons available. Even $10 off $30 or more. But do not worry, you can still use store and manufacture coupons. Simply go to your Walgreens Photo Department and ask for your web pick up. After they scan your ticket and the online code is discounted, hand them your other coupons, and watch the price drop!

Not only do you get that extra $5-$10 discount, but you can avoid the lines and running into a possible out of stock item. This is especially great for the working mom on the go who does not have time to shop. Also don't forget to check out the photo deals. There is always offers for prints, and sometimes you can get 25 FREE 4x6 prints no purchase necessary.

Always check around the stores, there are manufacture coupons presented around the store so keep an eye out. Plus there is store coupon books other then the monthly available in Walgreens Cosmetics or Pharmacy departments. Safeway also has coupon books but go very quickly, check around the customer service counters for those.

This once again concludes some of my Nifty tips. Hope this information was helpful. Feel free to leave comments and let me know if you have any questions or if my tips are helping you! Id love to know. Thanks again friends, and stay Nifty!

Intro and Types of Coupons.

Everyone want's to save money, unfortunately many people do not know how. Couponing takes a lot of patience, math, and organization. My blog is here for everyone to get a little more help with their couponing adventures.

First off, all you need is a printer, store ads, and newspapers. Ink and paper can get a little pricey, but it pays for itself in the end. trust me. Every store has their own sales, not only do they release a weekly ad, but they also have monthly ads, and depending on the store manager, there are other sales that will not be advertised.

Its always good to check the stores website before a shopping trip. In most cases, they will have their ads available online, sometimes you can get a sneak peak at a stores ads before they are sent out in the mail or local newspapers. That is always a huge advantage for us competitive couponers who hate having to find that their items are out of stock, thank god for rain checks. Just remember to use them before (if you have one) your attached manufacture coupon expires.

That is another issue I need to break down for you. There is a BIG difference between manufacture and store coupons. Manufacture coupons are sent out by the.... yes, manufacturer. Store coupons are coupons that available to you by the store. You can always combine a store coupon with a manufacture coupon to use on an item, but cannot combine two store or two manufacture coupons to an item. Always remember, its one coupon per item purchased. For example" You have 4 items, you can use 4 store coupons and 4 manufacture coupons.

Some stores are starting to join the Catalina adventure which is a manufacture coupon that is printed at the checkout after a purchase is made, which is available to be used anytime after that transaction, but before the expiration date. Most people are confused by this one. A Catalina Coupon is a coupon that is printed after a certain item is purchased. For example: If you buy a certain amount of an item, or spend a certain amount on a brand, you will get a coupon to use for that same item/brand next time you go shopping.

Safeway, Walgreens, and CVS are offering the Register Reward program which is another form of coupon. It is also a manufacture coupon but does not have to be used on any certain item, its free play money. Think of it as store credit, so treat it as cash. Safeway sometimes offers a $10 Register Reward for every $75 spent during the weekend. You can use that $10 towards your next purchase.

Walgreens is a great place to shop because their ads are extremely helpful. Not only will it show the sale price, it will tell you if their is a Register Reward for that item, AND if there is a coupon that is going to be printed in that Sundays Inserts. Also Walgreens has a LOT of money makers every week. For example: If you buy Colgate toothpaste for $4.99, use the usual $1 off any colgate toothpaste coupon that is printed every other weekend,  you will get a Register Reward coupon for $4.99 back, making the item FREE, and you have made $1.

Here is the catch... you HAVE to spend that amount BEFORE taxes to use the coupon. To use the $4.99, your next transaction total HAS to be at least $5.25 before you can take off the $4.99. Leaving you with just the tax. Regardless, you walk out with free items. Please read the fine print. You CANNOT use Register Rewards towards Dairy, Tobacco, Gift cards, or prescriptions. HOWEVER. you can use them if you have other items to purchase.

Those are your basic coupons, hopefully I helped some of you which your coupon questions. Keep a look out in my blog for other couponing topics. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to help you. Thank you for checking out my blog now go save money!!!